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Popular plastic flower pots of ATP PLASTIC

Today’s science and technology has made great progress. This has helped to improve our living standards as well as our business. When scientific and technological factors have been applied to production, including the plastic flower pots industry.

Plastic flower pots grow plants and flowers like a new wind that changes many aspects. Because it meets all the needs of growers, flower growers such as the aesthetics shown in all spatial positions, diverse models, high quality, low price and many other advantages make potted products. Plastic tree planting and flower growing are very popular in the market. Create new business purposes with large consumption of consumers and increase revenue for agents, gardeners …

Quality is the top factor for ATP PLASTIC CO., LTD to ensure reputation with consumers, as well as we always try our best to minimize factors affecting the environment and human health.

Therefore, ATP’s planters and flower pots are made from high-quality imported PP and HDPE plastic particles and always satisfy all customers, partners and agents.

plastic flower pot 2 1024x683 - Plastic flower pots
Popular plastic flower pots of ATP PLASTIC, Vietnam plastic flower pots 

1. Outstanding advantages of PLANTS, FLOWERS made from plastic.

Plastic flower pots have many different advantages. The following are the outstanding advantages of this product line:


This product line is made of plastic material so it is much lighter in weight than traditional materials such as clay, cement sand, wood …

In addition, the plastic flower pots is also very durable and highly flexible, very easy to clean, and can be moved optimally. Therefore, it helps you to save time and promote economic profits effectively.

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Popular plastic flower pots of ATP PLASTIC, Vietnam plastic flower pots 


Plastic flower pots are produced in a variety of styles and colors with intelligent designs and high aesthetics. Help the lover of the green environment to decorate in every space in the home, exhibition area and public place

The product is manufactured from high-quality PP plastic lines and incorporates a breakthrough scientific formula to create potted plants and flower pots with hardness, durability, not easily discolored, or dangerously broken. such as ceramic pots, cement and the ability to withstand all physical effects as well as extreme weather.

So you can completely rest assured to use without having to worry about safety issues.

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Plastic plant pots, Vietnam plastic flower pots 

Icon 03 - Plastic flower pots TYPES OF PLANTS AND PLASTIC FLOWERS

From the special properties of plastic materials. Plastic flower pots are diversified with different designs for everyone to choose from

Capture the tastes of consumers, and meet the richness and diversity of the market of flowers and ornamental plants. ATP resin has introduced many simple to smart designs, such as: 4 season pots, self-control pots, hanging pots, wall-mounted pots …

With many different shapes such as square pots, rectangular pots, hexagonal pots, long pots … The size of the product is also varied from large to large.

Because of this variety, plant lovers can easily choose plant pots, plastic flower pots suitable for many different spaces and plants.

For a space like a restaurant, you should choose a large pot. With a home space, you can choose small potted products to save more space.

Hope you can choose the right products for you.

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Plastic flower pot of ATP, export plastic flower pots


Growing plants and flowers has become a hobby for many people to reduce stress in life. With the narrow space in urban areas today, pleasure can be done easily thanks to the contribution. Through this article we will have more knowledge about objects that are popular with many people today.

Why should you choose plants for plants?

Plastic is a familiar material used in the manufacture of household items.

However, depending on different purposes, plastic utensils have different properties. Specialized pots are used to grow flowers and ornamental plants, mainly made from PP plastic.

These are plastics that have many outstanding advantages as they are quite light in weight and clean.

If you store water, it will not dissolve harmful substances into the water. And especially this is a durable plastic.

Therefore, the pots can be used outdoors for many years in all weather conditions. If using these types of pots to grow flowers and ornamental plants.

Not only ensures the health of the user, but also maintains the fastness of the color, ensuring aesthetics.

Using plastic potted plants saves space

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ATP plastic pots factory


Because the need to use pots to grow flowers, ornamental plants, vegetables … is very large, producers are also very interested in developing this market.

They constantly invest in technology lines to improve quality and designs to create the diversity of products.

If there is a need to use, users can choose plastic pots according to the following criteria:

Icon 03 - Plastic flower pots ABOUT SHAPE

Depending on aesthetics, users can choose from square pots, rectangular pots, hexagonal pots, round pots, large long pots, … Plastic pot design is also very creative.

Users can easily find pots designed from traditional to creative such as: buckets.

In order to take advantage of different spaces, pots are also designed with both ground-mounted pots and wall-mounted pots, railing, …

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ATP plastic pots factory, export plastic flower pots

Icon 03 - Plastic flower potsABOUT SIZE

Plastic flower pots are made in a variety of sizes to suit each type of plant and the location where you intend to place the pot. If you are planting a desktop tree, you can choose a small pot, but if you are growing woody ornamental plants at the door.

For the gate or display yard, you can choose from large pots or large pots.

Pots are made of PP plastic or soft, hard plastic pots.

Icon 03 - Plastic flower pots ABOUT COLOR

Depending on the purpose to be able to choose the right pots

The color of the pot is also very rich, now pots are manufactured with a full range of color palettes, from traditional colors such as brick red pots, white pots, to prominent colors such as red, blue, purple … That helps users to have a variety of choices, easily create harmony with the overall architectural style of the place of use.

It can be said that the market for flower pots, vegetables and ornamental plants is very rich and diverse. It not only contributes to help people satisfy their passions, but also contributes to making the world a cleaner and more beautiful world.

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ATP plastic pots factory, export plastic flower pots


To limit smog and pollutants, trees are a great choice not to be missed. Green plants are decorated in the house to beautify living and working spaces.

Instead of growing plants in crockery pots as before, plants in plastic pots are becoming popular nowadays. To choose to buy plastic pots at wholesale prices, customers should learn and study the characteristics of the product. Criteria for selection are appropriate, safe and cost-effective.

Check out the article below if you have a need to buy plastic pots at wholesale prices.

Icon 03 - Plastic flower pots DEMAND FOR BUYING MULTI-COLORS POTS

Recently, Plastic flower pots are a popular product in planting techniques. Not only growing plants in the garden, pots are also used to grow decorative flowers.

Not only used for gardening and nursery needs. Currently, the demand for buying pots is increasing day by day.

So many businesses expand their business to attract more interested customers.

Icon 03 - Plastic flower pots EXCELLENT ADVANTAGES TODAY

Is an improvement of the production technology of plant pots. Limit the situation of falling during transportation and wear and tear of the product. Plastic pots are extremely convenient when you can grow many types of plants at the same time.

Potted plants can save time in care, very convenient to fertilize and water.

Current plastic pot products are designed to drain water without affecting the plants. This product is very safe for users with flexible, non-toxic plastic.

Because of the variety of products, plastic plant pots are used both in the garden and in the office.

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ATP plastic pots factory, export plastic flower pots


Icon 03 - Plastic flower pots DETERMINATION OF USING NEEDS:

Depending on the intended use of each person, the purchase of plastic pots will meet different needs. Choosing the right factory will save a lot of costs.

If you want to design according to your preferences, large workshops can still support you. If you do business, you will receive attractive discounts.

Depending on the type of plant will correspond to a certain type of pot, so choosing the right type will help take better care of the tree.

plastic flower pot 16 - Plastic flower pots
ATP plastic pots factory, export plastic flower pots


Each type of tree will have a different size when growing. Therefore, the pots also come in many different sizes.

Small pots are used for decorative plants for offices or desks, medium pots are used to fill the space of the living room, and large pots are used to beautify the garden.

That’s why there are pots such as balcony planters, plastic pots for ornamental plants, fence plastic pots…

Icon 03 - Plastic flower pots REVIEW THE PRICES

There are countless styles and designs of plastic pots, so there will be different prices.

The average range will be from 100-200 thousand for small pots, while larger pots will have different adjusted prices.

Most in the higher segment, the pots are elaborately designed and serve more than easy planting.


Contact us immediately – ATP PLASTIC CO., LTD for a free quote and consultation on products.

We are committed to the quality of products that always meet the standards with all customers.

To give customers peace of mind in choosing products, we have attractive discounts for partners specializing in large quantities.

Plastic flower pots are very popular today. However, each smart customer needs to choose for himself a suitable and economical production method.

Not only saves costs but also creates convenience in plant care techniques. Choose to buy good quality and reputable wholesale plastic pots at ATP.

Social trends develop strongly, consumer products increasingly develop to serve life. Nowadays, many people plant trees to beautify their living space.

However, because of the limited land area, people choose to grow plants in pots to save space. Plastic pots are one of the smart tools to support growing plants.

Let’s learn about ATP plastic plant pots that are extremely convenient and effective.

plastic flower pot 15 - Plastic flower pots
ATP plastic factory in Vietnam specializes in producing plastic flower pots on request and exporting to other countries


One of the important factors to create a quality product is the material.

ATP plastic pots are made of plastic. This substance is used in technical production and consumer goods. Because of its high strength and flexible shaping, plastic is often difficult to break and has good endurance.

However, this material avoids chipping and falling.

Plastic material has many colors, easy to style according to your preferences and needs.

plastic flower pot 8 - Plastic flower pots
ATP plastic factory in Vietnam specializes in producing plastic flower pots on request and exporting to other countries


Plastic materials are applied to planting techniques to produce pots.

People have created great products with many different designs and different designs.

Depending on the needs of use, planters are divided into many different types. For example, plastic pots for plants, square plastic pots for plants, soft plastic pots for plants, etc.

Each type of pot is used for a different purpose of growing plants. Therefore, they are very convenient and popular to decorate high-class spaces in the house


This product has a design that best serves and supports growing plants.

Featured with external ventilation holes, helping to timely drain water to avoid waterlogging for plants

In addition, special designs such as upside down pots for flowers, orchid pots, etc.

Most of the pots for growing plants at  ATP  are available in many sizes to meet the needs of indoor, outdoor or garden use with larger sizes.


With a large producer, ATP is looking for potential customers in growing plants.

All potted products are quality checked. And researched the most suitable designs and colors for the type of plant to ensure the best growth for the plant.

Thanks to the inherent advantages, plastic pots are very durable and beautiful. Not only that, but being creative and innovative in colors and designs makes it incredibly beautiful and useful.

For bonsai enthusiasts, “Vietnam Plastic” is a place specializing in manufacturing and supplying the market with quality planter products at reasonable and affordable prices.

In recent years, the company has constantly built up customer needs, researched to perfect the best products for customers.

The recognition of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on ATP plastic


ATP plastic – receive processing, produce plastic flower pots on demand at cheap price

So if you want to buy plastic pots, nursery trays, clean vegetable growing trays directly from the manufacturer. Or want to order processing, production of plastic flower pots according to individual requirements, large quantities. Or want to cooperate, become a partner, distributor of plastic products of ATP Plastics. Please contact directly ATP Plastics manufacturer at:

Factory: Ma Se Area, Can Huu Commune, Quoc Oai District, City. Hanoi Vietnam

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