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Office: 627 Hoang Hoa Tham St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi

Fax: 0433.650362

Email:  •This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it•

Web: www.nhuavietnam.com

Factory:: An Khánh E Industrial Zone, Hoai Duc Province, Hanoi

Phone: 0422.455279

Mobile: 0913.077651

Anh Tu Trading and Manufacturing Company Limited has more than 10 years experience in manufacturing plastic, squeezing household plastics products to supply for daily essential requirement such as: Water filter, chair face, loud speaker, rice vessels, Thermos casing, carrying rope, toilet lid,

Anh Tu Trading and Manufacturing Company Limited not only manufacturing compelled household plastics products but also manufacturing industrial plastic products such as: base-ball and baseless-ball using for construction, high-tech building or plastic corner, door-handle, light box, basin’s foot, . . . in order to assembling a completed refrigerator. All compelled plastic products are manufacturing on compelled machine of 50 tons to 600 tons and made of ABS, PP, PSHI, GPPS, PC, PVC, PA, PE HDPE, POM, PPR material.

Anh Tu Trading and Manufacturing Company Limited not only have compelled plastics products but also have factory of plastic pattern and produced on CNC milling machine.…

Beside of manufacturing is trading so that we also trading in plastic equipment, plastic compelled machine, . . . primary and recycle plastic, ABS, PP, PSHI, GPPS, PC, PVC, PA, PE, HDPE, POM, PPR… plastic...

With high qualified and skilled workers who have been trained in Japan and years of experience we have produced many high quality products...

Our products are not only meet the requirement of the nation but also exported to USA, Korea,

Come with us and set your mind at rest, we are glad to serve you high quality products and reasonable price.


 1. Press plastic, plastic injection, make plastic.

         - ABS plastic, PP plastic, HD plastic, GPPS plastic, HI plastic, PA plastic...

         - PP Products, ABS plastic products, HD plastic products, GPPS plastic products, HI plastic products HI, PA plastics products.

2. Plastic casing, plastic models, plastic pressing models...

         - Plastic balls, blow ball, squeeze ball, make the ball, ball manufacture, construction ball, ball flooring, light floor, light ball floor, make the ball.

         - Top base, Construction funnel, funnel, foundation funnel.